Wir nennen es Dosenfischen

Dosenfischen – der Podcast 38a

Läuft es wirklich? Ja, läuft. Oder?
(Wenn der Herr sandmann immer am Drücker ist, dann bin ich mir so fürchterlich unsicher, obs wirklich läuft. Aber lief. Glaub ich ;))

Wir schnattern lustig weiter, über Meeveo – Die Mitcachezentrale mit gutem Ansatz und viel Potential. Darüber, obs nun Bratis Lover heißen sollte, oder besser Press-Burger. Wir reden über die letzten Logs bei “War!” und der etwas kindischen Reaktion des Owners. Und wir feiern den 100. Watcher bei Brummitreff (wer war denn der 100ste? Bekommt man das raus?)
Mit dem Thema Spoilern in Blogs schließen wir den Podcast ganz, aber nicht ohne ein während des Podcasts im Küchenstudio entstandenes Kunstwerk vom Reggen zu bestaunen. Großes Kino, Bild folgt hier!

Und hier läufts tatsächlich los: Dosenfischen – der Podcast 38a

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  1. Der Ravensburger-TB wird doch sowieso irgendwo verschwinden und Feierabend mit dem Rekord. Dann fehlt denen plötzlich ein Teil. Oder es liegt in einem extrem Schweren Cache und die Ravensburger müssen den dann ja erstmal machen, bevor sie den haben(aber da wird sich bestimmt jemand finden…). Bei Jeep klappts ja auch (ok, die stellen auch Ausrüstung 😉 für Drive-Inns)

    Der Turmposten bei Sandmanns Brötchengeber ist doch genial, übrigens dank Lehrpfad für Kinder sehr zu empfehlen.

    Zu Caches in der Schule könnte man ja auch einfach cachende Lehrer fragen. Oder cachende Eltern. Aber das wäre ja zu einfach. Foren sind einfacher…

    Übrigens heißt es “dem Geocoin” 😉

  2. Ich sehe gerade, dass mein Kommentar im falschen Beitrag gelandet ist. Ihr könnt doch nicht solche Verwirrspiele hier veranstalten! NeNeNe. 😀

  3. Google Cache ist toll:

    Well – let me start by saying – if you want “a walk in the park” or are afraid of darkness
    – please just forget this one – for your own safety! Stay at home and read a good book instead!

    Do NOT bring kids with you on this one, as this might be too hard and to scary an experience for them. It is not nice to be in the WAR-zone at night, and this cache is not made as a family-picnic!

    Do you want CHALLENGE, EXCITEMENT and EXPERIENCES when you are Geocaching? You got it ALL in this one!

    This cache will give you experiences, you have never tried before, when Geocaching!

    This cache can only be found when its dark – except the first 12 stations – and it is a “WAR” with one self to accomplish this trip and “When the going gets tough – the tough gets going!”

    All stations are made, so you DO NOT have to crawl around on the ground on your knees for half hours searching for a small thing, as I personally HATE that kind of Geocaching! Every station is stationary in the landscape and are made, so it is relatively easy to find out, what you have to search for, when you are at the excact place. So no relaxing searching behind bushes and trees on this trip – only PURE and CLEAN Geocaching!

    The route to walk is total app. 16 kilometres and takes app. 6 hours (excl. breaks) if everything goes smoothly and you walk with normal speed and change between the tracks and cross-country.
    – You must take all stations, in the right order and save all answers from the stations, or you will not be able to succed you mission!
    – You must walk in the dark as you get a much more exciting treasure-hunting and a good thing is to wear trekking- or millitary-boots.
    – Be carefull if you are alone on this mission and cross directly through some of the swamps in the area at night.
    – Often fog emerge very quickly in the lower parts of the area, so use compass in order not to loose orientation.
    – You must bring with you a “walking-light” for use in the forest and when walking on the moor and also a very powerful flashlight as you will need that more times in this mission.
    – Personally I always make sure to be visible from a good distance, at all time when its dark, by never switching off my light, as sometimes millitary personel check out the area at night, and there is also a small special-force unit connected to the area, but they stay hidden and avoid any form of contact. I have also heard about poaching in the area, so please make sure you always are very visible, when it is dark, for you own safety!
    – Also bring with you fully charged cell phone, camera, pencil, paper, compass, calculator, extra batteries, mosquito-balsam and of course some very good stuff to trade in the cache – please read more about the special conditions for trading in this cache!
    – Bring also things to eat and drink to give you energy to accomplish this effort, as you can expect to use quite some time out there.

    When you enter the exercise-area, several places you can see an orange globe with diameter app. 50cm. If you find this globe in the top of the mast – it means:
    Get the hell out of there – now!
    Sharp-shooting and use of hand-granates is going on!
    These orange globes are 5 places in the area – so do NOT enter the area under no circumstances, if you see that!

    This area is especially a thrilling and challenging experience when it’s dark!
    The types of animals mentioned in the description above are made by nature-people, who only dares to come here in daylight and therefore only see the “daylight-animals” – but at night – BRRR! It’s a NIGHTMARE!
    I did not sleep well for several nights after having placed the cache at around midnight on a cold rainy night with fog, where I heard a lot of strange noises and saw some mysterious shadows wandering around several times!

    This area is well-known among elderly local people as
    haunted by ghosts, as there in the very old days were some robbers hiding in a still not found hidden cave on the moor at the old road, which went through this area.
    They attacked and robbed travellers, who came by horse or by food, and who could not manage to get to the town “Varde” in time before darkness.
    These robbers were later on hunted down and executed,
    but around midnight the ghosts are walking restless around on the moor trying to find people to attack!
    You know the ghosts are near you, when you suddenly experience a kind of cold thrill, so please regularly look behind you, when you are out there!
    But of course today NOBODY is so stupid to walk around in this area when it is dark! Except a Geocacher!
    (As I later on looked through some of my photos taken in the area at dusk, I think I captured a ghost on one of them – see the photo in the gallery!)

    Special notice – please read carefully:
    I have spent a LOT of time and effort to make this cache, so please DO NOT put in “trash”! Everything I have put in this cache has a value of at least DKK 10,- so please let it stay in that condition, so it is a really treasure for the next one to find!
    Of course you are very welcome just to log it, if you
    don’t have anything this value to trade with or will not spent DKK 10,- to buy a trade-item.

    The Cache contains:
    – Log-book.
    – Pencil + 1 extra.
    To trade:
    – Various very good stuff.

    You will also find a laminated “EMERGENCY CARD” with:
    1) A map and a point-by-point description showing the easiest/fastest way back to start, if you choose that.
    2) A cell phone number to use “24-7-365”, as a quick pick-up in can be made within 15 minutes at a “pick-up-point” near the cache, if you have problems.
    3) For real emergency: A short information of how to call “112” for help with a specimen of how they can find you out there and with an concrete address nearby as “112” always need that today to help you!

    Please only write down the information and let the card STAY in the cache.
    For your own pleasure only read the information if
    you don’t find it fun to be here anymore or you have problems, as it will spoil a bit of the total experience.

    Otherwise return the direct way as you GPS shows you.
    That means crossing the moor and the plantation, which is a very exiting experience at night.

    Please log your visit on the Internet and write:
    (that is of course – if you survived the ghost-robbers!)

    – Hello to me 🙂
    – Kilometres in total.
    – Time used.
    – Rate the Cache on the Internet – please!
    You find it under “Vurdér fundne caches” at
    (visit link)
    – Please do NOT give HINTS or SPOILERS of any kind on the Internet, and DO NOT give any details about the trip to persons, who have not taken it yet, as I want this cache to bee the hardest and most challenging cache too find of all, but please add a lot of comments and photos from your mission!

    (updated April, 24. 2006)
    Number of teams who went out on this mission: 34
    -Number of teams who survived this mission: 34
    =SURVIVAL-RATE on mission “WAR!” untill today: 100%
    (A very good result – so the odds are with you!)

    I wish you a nice and surely a very thrilling and exiting trip on this mission and may the sattelites be with you!

    Best regards,


    ——————– OOO —————————-


    (see the uploaded photos in order to get you in “WAR”-mode)

    You are an aspirant-member of the Danish Hunter Force (Jægerkorpset) and this mission is the final drill for you in order to become a full member.
    Only if you succeed this mission, you may call yourself a real “hunter-force-soldier” and most important of all:
    Member of a small group of HGD (Hardcore Geocachers Denmark).
    The goal of this mission is unseen by enemy to parachute down at night behind enemy line, make as much damage
    as possible to the enemies installations and supplies and get out as quickly as possible again after having completed your mission.
    If the enemy spots you: Goodbye! The Service of Intelligence will not confirm your identity or your mission behind enemy-lines – so take care out there!
    Members of the hunter-force are only active in nighttime and stay low and well hidden in woods etc. at daytime – so this is the same rule for you!

    – now it´s serious and there is no point of return!:
    It is totally dark, you are sitting on the floor fully equipped with your gear incl. explosives etc., all in all
    app. 30 kilos, onboard a military plane in altitude 10.000 meters!

    We are flying in at night from the North Sea a bit north of the 5.th largest city in Denmark called “Esbjerg”.

    The temperature outside in this altitude is –53 degrees Celsius, so you are wearing a proper survivalsuit together with oxygen in a small container witch will give you air enough to breath for about 20 minutes in this altitude.

    On this cold and starry night the wind speed is 5 meter per second and the wind is coming from between SW and SSW
    (215 degrees).

    You have checked all your gear, explosives, riffle,
    granates etc. over and over again, and you are now ready
    to jump out of the plane.

    2 minutes before the excact point of drop, you turn on your night-vision glasses, the backdoor of the plane opens up and you feel the cold and the noise of the
    wind and speed.

    Your will hear your squad-leader shouting: “1 minute!”
    and then later on “10 seconds!” and finally “3! 2! 1! GO!

    You have now succeeded in leaving the plane at the exact calculated drop-point, which is:

    N55 35.151 E008 24.960

    You tumble out of the back of the plane and take a delta-position to keep your body steady when falling.

    When you drop out of the aeroplane you will take a free fall for 9.000 metres, as you have to spent as short time as possible in altitude with no air to breathe and in order to get to ground as quickly as possible!

    As you are free-falling your average speed is 225 KmpH directly downwards and the influence of the wind will
    drift you with 75% of its speed in the wind direction over land during the time of falling
    (in this calculation do not bring in the speed of the aeroplane when leaving it, witch of course is the right way to do it – normally a landing spot will be found and then calculated backwards under influence of aeroplane speed when jumping, free-falling speed, parachute falling speed, winddirection and wind-speed).

    In 1.000 meters altitude you quickly pull the handle and you are lucky – the parachute opens.

    You check if your parachute has opened properly and enterely and your speed of falling is ok by spitting – if your spit falls downwards everything is ok – if your spit “falls” upwards, you are falling to speedy and only have a few seconds to make a “cut-away” of the main chute and pull your reserve.
    Your parachute is of course grey, so you cannot be spotted from the earth at night.

    As your parachute is open the wind will now have an influence of 330% drifting per second in the time you are falling as you keep a straight line directly to the
    landing point excactly in the wind direction to make the time in air as short as possible as your are very woundable, when just hanging there!

    The speed you are falling downwards with when parachute is open is exactly 25 KmpH as your hunter-force parachute
    is a specialdesigned and smaller as usual in order to get you as fast as possible to ground.

    Now you can calculate how far and in wich direction you have drifted in total from the drop-point.
    If you now have calculated correct you will land near a small landing field with 2 lanes of grass.
    The exact landing spot is a perfect circle with diameter app. 25 meters and filled with small gravels.
    The cirkle is made especially to use as a landingspot for

    As soon as you have “touch-down”, you only have 2 minutes to dig down you parachute and jump-gear, so no one knows that you have landed, as you are now all alone by yourself
    behind enenemy-lines! Watch out for enemy-guards!

    Check you riffle, gun, explosives and survival-kit and:
    Immediately run 160 meters to N and place some explosives to wipe out the hangars placed here, so that the enemies
    planes in these hangars will be destroyed and they cannot search after you from the air with their heat-sensitive instruments.
    This will give you a chance to SURVIVE mission “WAR”!

    How many hangars have you just wiped out?
    Number is: “A”
    See if you can steal and jumpstart an enemy-car and very quickly drive to Station 1 at:
    N55 3(“A”+3).(“A”-1)(“A”-2)(“A”-2)
    E008 2(“A”+5).(“A”)(“A”-1)(“A”+5)
    Park 150m NW of Station 1 and ONLY there!

    STATION 1:
    WARNING! 150 meters in direction NW!
    Be careful that the 3 remote-controlled and heat-sensitive cameras and the armed guards at the entrance of the military station don’t see you, as you will not survive if they do! The enemy do not take prisoners in this area!
    It would be a shame if you got shot so early in the mission – wouldn´t it?
    Your mission at this point is to place explosives and wipe out the tunnel and destroy the road passing it, so the enemy cannot drive this way with his equipment.
    This tunnel is made of concrete elements.
    But how many curved elements is used in total?
    Answer is: “X”

    STATION 2:
    N55 (36.219 – “X”)
    E008 (27.756 + “X”)
    At this place you can use your gun and riffle.
    How many big girders are placed over this place?
    Answer is: “Y”

    STATION 3:
    N55 3(“Y”).(“Y”-6)(“Y”+2)(“Y”+2)
    E008 2(“Y”+1).(“Y”-1)(“Y”-6)(“Y”+1)
    As you can see, this thing is a good thing to destroy, as an elimination will give a lot of trouble to the enemy’s supplies to a large area.
    Make sure it falls to W – you will find out why this causes the biggest damage, if you look a bit around.
    Place you explosives, quickly away to next station!
    This thing is a number in a large row – which number (Nr.) is this one?
    Answer is: “Z”

    STATION 4:
    N55 (35.989 – “Z”)
    E008 (28.060 + “Z”)
    A member of the hunter-force is in extreme well physical condition, so please make each exercise 50 times before you continue!
    If you by now still are able to stand up on your own feet and are able to breathe and see 🙂 then please tell me:
    How many letters are there total in the headlines of the descriptions?
    Answer is: “A”
    How many descriptions of exercises are there?
    Answer is: “B”
    A multiplied with B = “AB”
    “AB” is the answer from this station!

    STATION 5:
    N55 (35.833 – “AB”)
    E008 (27.679 + “AB”)
    A good place to put in secret messages is hidden in a public common text.
    Normally you will have a secret code to read between the lines and pick out some specified words etc.
    Since when has there been military activity in this particular place?
    Add the 4 digit numbers in the year and you have a 2 digit number.
    Add the 2 digit numbers and you have 1 number
    = The answer from this Station is: “C”

    STATION 6:
    N55 35. (“C”-2)(“C”-2)(“C”)
    E008 2(“C”-1).(“C”-5)(“C”-5)(“C”-1)
    This place is a secret place to gather together for the members of the “hunter-force” after operating several persons at various places in secret at night.
    In order to be able to find the spot, some secret marks has been added.
    Which colour has the 2 round secret marks with diameter app. 5cm on this thing?
    Yellow=Value “1” Green=Value “2” Red=Value “3”
    The correct answer is: “D”

    STATION 7:
    N 55 3(“D”+3).(“D”+2)(“D”+3)(“D”)
    E008 2(“D”+5).(“D”+5)(“D”+3)(“D”)
    This spot is used as a secret pick-up-point by helicopter at night. In a radius of 25 meters from this spot, you will find some posts made of wood placed in the ground with yellow reflectors on, so the helicopter easily can find you and bring you safely away at night
    – how many reflectors are there?
    Answer is: “X”

    STATION 8:
    In order to find the coordinates for Station 8 you must:

    Mulitiply answer from Station 1 with answer from Station 2.
    (Station 1 X Station 2)= Result
    The result you get you must deduct from the number:”35.544″
    N55 (35.544) – (Result)

    Multiply answer from Station 3 with answer from Station 4.
    (Station 3 X Station 4)= Result
    The result you get you must add to the number: “20.689”
    E008 (20.689) + (Result)

    You know what to do here!
    Which number (Nr.) is this one?
    Answer is: “E”

    STATION 9:
    N55 (35.427 – “E”)
    E008 (28.140 + “E”)
    This is a secret spot to calibrate your GPS, so you always know in which altitude you are on this mission and afterwards can check the levels from the total challenge.
    (The exact hight at this exact spot, is your answer from station 3 minus “10”.)
    Which number in the alphabet is each of the 2 largest letters on this thing?
    Answer is “F” and “G”.
    Multiply these 2 numbers “F” and “G” and you get the correct answer for Station 9, which is: “H”

    STATION 10:
    N55 (35.673 – “H”)
    E008 (28.635 + “H”)
    This is only one in a large number of these hidden things in this area and is a very import target for you to wipe out, as the enemy hides his vehicles, gear and ammunition in these.
    Which number is this one called?
    Answer is: “I”

    STATION 11: (longest leg on mission – full speed ahead!)
    In order to find the coordinates for Station 11 you must:

    Multiply the answers from Station 5, 6, 7 and 8 with each other.
    (Station 5 X Station 6 X Station 7 X Station 8) = Result
    The result you get you must deduct from the number: 36.986
    N55 (36.986) – (Result)

    Multiply the answers from Station 9 and Station 10.
    (Station 9 X Station 10) = Result
    The result you get you must add to the number: 27.813
    E008 (27.813) + (Result)
    This is a rendevouz-spot, where you secretly can meet and coorporate a mission together with secret members of the “Diving-Force”, as they will stay hidden and operate from the water nearby this spot.
    How many holes with a diameter of app. 5-6cm are there?
    Answer is “J”

    STATION 12:
    N55 35.(“J”+4)5
    E008 28.(“J”+11)5
    Call this one “Number 1”.
    Walk in direction “ENE” (65 degrees) and count them ALL!
    You will be guided as they are placed with app. 65 metres between each of them.
    Hint: Count your steps between each one before you get to the point, where you can´t see the next one and use the
    compass to make sure you get them ALL!
    At the last one – on the top you will find a small metal-thing. Carefully pull in this and you will see some instructions to follow at once. Place it excately as you found it and in same direction!
    (Make sure you get a confirmation and further instructions!)
    Which number did you stop at (the last one)?
    Answer is: “K”.

    STATION 13:
    Welcome to Station 13 – this spot should by now already have been eliminated for enemies, when you get there. It is a good place to relax, eat and drink and get enough strength for the rest of your secret mission.
    You have completed 3/4 of the total mission. The last 1/4 has a bit more tough terrain, but you are warmed up now.
    A member of the hunter-force is always “on top” of the situation – if you get the point? 🙂
    You will now experience that darkness influence on a persons senses, as some are slowed down when it´s dark fx. distance-measuring and orientation, while others are much more intensive fx. hearing, sight and smell.
    These things are transmitted as instincts since the Stone Age
    – take some time just to sit still, enjoy the sounds etc. and feel inside, how you are right now contra if it was daylight and feel the difference – strange isn’t it?

    STATION 14:
    This station is a reflector somewhere in the area.
    The Service Of Intelligence has unfortunately not been able to decode a secret message with the concret direction and distance or the coordinates for this one.
    They only know it is clockwise between ESE and WSW.
    The distance is minimum 100 meters and maximum 300 meters away from your current position – so it is a very wide area it can be found in.
    The reflector is camouflaged, so it is impossible to find in daylight.
    When you have spotted it, use a compass for direction and estimate the distance before leaving, as you will loose sight of it, when walking towards it.
    At the place of the reflector you will find the
    coordinates for station 15 if you look carefully.

    STATION 15:
    During a bomb-attack or just in order to hide from the
    enemy during day-time, you can open this and climb down in it to be safe.
    At this time you proberbly already have heard and seen some of the enemies helicopters passing the area, surching for you, so always be prepared to take cover.
    On this thing you will find a 6 digit inscription.
    Throw away the first digit which is “0” (zero).
    Now you have a 5 digit number left – so the answer is: “M”

    STATION 16:
    N55 (55.245 – “M”)
    E008 (49.137 – “M”)
    – The Service Of Intelligence has found out, that the enemy is well prepared here, so it is difficult to take over this spot!
    – Your mission is to sneak in on this spot, shoot down all the hidden enemies and wipe out the area.
    – After having eliminated the area stay a few minutes and look around at this point, as it is very exiting.
    – You can also get some inspiration to your own house how to keep your mother-in-law away 🙂
    – You will find a building here. Inside there is 3 rooms. The first room is the biggest, the second is a bit smaller and the third room is very small.
    When standing in room “2” facing room “1” you will find the secret coordinates for station 17.

    STATION 17:
    If you wipe out or pollute this thing, the enemys fresh-water supplies will be totally destroyed in a large area.
    Run along the path 200 metres ENE and you will find another
    one like this. Wipe this one out also = station 18.

    STATION 18:
    Place the last of your explosives – do like at Station 17, but first find a secret sign on this thing with letters and numbers on – starting with “DGU nr. 121.XXXX”
    Consider the last 4 digits (XXXX) as a number.
    This number you can call: “P”.

    STATION 19:
    N55 36.029 – “P”
    E008 28.318 + “P”
    Place yourself as high as possible on the coordinates, after having made sure, no one is watching you.
    Search for a hidden reflector and find station 20.
    – The Service Of Intelligence has also not been able to
    decode the intercepted message with the concret direction and distance on this one, so you must try hard.
    – We only know direction is clockwise between NNE and SSW and distance min. 100 meters and up to max. 300 meters.

    STATION 20:
    Look down right under the reflector and find a secret “mailbox” made of glass to use and communicate with other secret members of the Hunter-Force on mission, when operating hidden behind enemy lines.
    Follow the secret informations given to you in the mailbox an quickly run away as you ar woundable and uncovered at this spot.

    STATION 21:
    A hidden reflector will guide you, just when you are near.

    The cache is placed only 3 meters W from the reflector.
    You are well covered here from the enemy – so just take time and enjoy your succes.
    (Perhaps you don´t want to think about, that the enemy is only 8 meter away from you – directly UNDER your current position! Your can see a secret air-regulator from the enemys secret bunker-system!)

    You have now found the cache “WAR” (2 containers!)
    Please observe the rules regarding trading and make sure the cache is closed, hidden and covered before leaving.

    Please log your visit on the Internet and write:
    (that is of course only if you survived the ghost-robbers!)
    – Hello to me 🙂
    – Kilometres in total.
    – Time used.
    – Rate the Cache – please! (“Vurdér fundne caches”).
    (visit link)
    – Please do not give any hints or spoilers of any kind on the Internet. But please write a lot about how the trip was and upload a lot of photos from your secret mission.

    I wish you a safe trip back from “WAR” and hope you enjoyed the mission or perhaps just feel lucky that you are still alive! 🙂

    Best regards,


  4. Hm es frisst nicht den englischen Listingtext aussem Google-Cache. Aber was hat es mit dem Cache überhaupt auf sich? Na, vielleicht wird das ja auch im Podcast geklärt… Kenn nur so einige Andeutungen über den Cache aus einigen Podcasts, aber weiß eigentlich gar nix darüber.

    Edit: Nen Cache im Ausland auf deutsch zu loggen is auf jeden Fall ziemlich unnett…

  5. wieso? Loggen Amis deutsche Caches etwa auf deutsch? Ist mir zumindest noch nicht untergekommen.

  6. Ammis loggen zumindest auf englisch. Das ist sogar die perfekte Wahl. Es wird eigentlich immer im Ausland in Englisch geloggt, es sei denn man beherscht die Landesprache (nicht mitdenkende Ausnahmen nicht ausgeschlossen). Aber darum ging es ja nicht bei der Auseinandersetzung, sondern eher um das typisch deutsche “nänänä, war toll, hätte aber viel besser sein müssen” und das dann noch mit Kosten für Anreise und Hotel zu rechtfertigen. Sind halt einfach mit der falschen Erwartungshaltung da ran gegangen. Und 20km laufen rechtfertigen auf jeden Fall ein T=4 bei so vielen Stationen kann auch die Schwierigkeit ohne ein einziges Rätsel höher ausfallen.

  7. Nochmal Juhu…es gibt wieder eine B-Nummer!

  8. Wo gibt’s denn Regge’s Caching-Cartoons? Kann man die irgendwo angucken?

  9. Jetzt gibts den gleich als neueste Beitrag. Wir wollten noch ein wenig die Spannung erhöhen… 😉

  10. @London Rain

    So lange Kommentare landen erstmal im Spam.

  11. Ohne den die a-Nummer (und wo bleibt die b-nummer?) gehört zu haben: So eine Cachebeschreibung erhöht ja schon direkt die Terrainbewertung um zwei Sterne, so was liest sich doch keiner bei klarem Verstand durch, oder?
    Scheint mir aber ein Sensibelchen zu sein, der Owner, glaubt man ja nicht bei diesem Cache.
    OK, bei einem meiner Caches, der seit 2004 existiert und sehr beliebt ist, gab es am Wochenende zum ersten Mal richtig negative Kritik, die mich sehr verwunderte; ist halt 4/3 und kein Mikro im Dreck, erst habe ich auch verwundert überlegt, wie ich reagiere. Nun ist es klar: Was stört es die Eiche, wenn sich die Wildsau an ihr kratzt..

  12. Also Euer Gast scheint ja auch eine gesunde Einstellung zu haben.

    Schön das ihr ihn eingeladen habt.
    Auf den Kalender bzw. weitere Bilder bin ich natürlich gespannt.

    Muß vielleicht doch einfach mal gucken ob ich ein paar Leute motivieren kann mit mir nach Schwerin zu fahren.

  13. Wo ich jetzt mit dem hören ganz durch bin.

    Also Kritik im Log…naja…NDR-Buzzer

    Reaktionen auf das Video von D-Buddi…NDR-Buzzer

    Der Buzzer bzw. die angedachte Softwarelösung hält sicher bald Einzug ins Küchenstudio.

  14. naja, Buzzer hin, Buzzer her, NDR hat grundsätzlich erst mal absolut recht. Entweder hat der Owner auch den Podcast gehört oder er hat sich einfach beruhigt, zumindest hat er sich noch mal per EMail geäussert. Wir sind uns glaub ich nicht wirklich einig, können aber wohl beide damit leben. D.h. er hat verdeutlicht warum er etwas säuerlich reagierte und ich hab verdeutlicht das es nicht gegen ihn geht sondern einfach nur ein Meinungsäusserung ist und die einfach erlaubt sein muß. Damit haben wir glaub ich Frieden geschlossen… Falls es am Podcast lag könnt ihr euch jetzt auch noch Friedensstifter nennen 😎

  15. Manche reagieren auch einfach zu empfindlich wo andere sich keine Platte machen…Es ist ein Spiel…..

  16. zur statistik: ich lade jeden cacher ein unsere caches als found zu loggen, der unsere caches im internet findet. 😉
    mfg M.B.
    ps: es sind nur 12… 😉


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